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The Snow Queen

The Snow Queen New Ohio Theatre Snapshot Review: Warm and Loving Patricia Contino, Reviewer A show with “snow” in its title involving a journey to the coldest place on earth may not sound ideal during this Tri-State deep freeze. While understandable, Blessed Unrest’s adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Snow Queen” is warm and loving, transforming the New Ohio Theatre into a favorite cozy room where this story of true friendship comes to life. Written by Blessed Unrest co-founder Managing Director Matt Opatrny and directed by company Founding Director Jessica Burr, “The Snow Queen” is indeed the Anderson fairy tale that inspired “Frozen” For those

Romantic Trapezoid

Romantic Trapezoid Theatre Row -- Lion Theatre Snapshot Review: Deliciously Clever Jacquelyn Claire, Reviewer Rachel Reiner Productions presents “Romantic Trapezoid” - a deliciously clever theatrical romcom by Victor L. Cahn. As we left the theatre after the show, an enthralled audience member exclaimed, “that was charming, really charming”. And it was. Three superb actors, one great text and a director with a strong eye for detail ensures a production that is deeply satisfying to watch. It’s rich in plot twists that one obviously doesn’t want to give away. So perhaps I will say we have a woman, Melissa, who has a big slice of cake

Romeo and Juliet

[media-credit id=1 align="alignnone" width="1132"][/media-credit] Romeo and Juliet Cultural Arts Playhouse, Long Island Snapshot Review: From Tragedy to Comedy DB Frick, Reviewer The Cultural Arts Playhouse, or CAP as many call it, has been utilizing their talent and wielding some of Long Island’s best theater for several years now. CAP has been home to many plays and musicals and also applies artist residencies. CAP offers an array of possibilities for fans of theatre and performers alike. Currently in residency at CAP is The Long Island Theatre Collective, LITC for short. For several years now, LITC has been bouncing around several theatres on Long Island and have

Rising to the Tap

Rising to the Tap Tribeca Performing Arts Center Snapshot Review: Plain Riveting Jeff Myhre, Reviewer Andrew Nemr has a one-man show that is different from the usual single-performer gig. Yes, he tells the story of his life, and no, he isn't really an actor. But you don't have to be an actor to tell your own story. And if you self-identify as a tap dancing, only child, Phoenician-Canadian-American whose parents escaped the Lebanese Civil War on the last bus out of Beirut, well, you have quite a story. Nemr takes us through his life as a loner, bullied in school for being different, who

Prague-New York Effects #7

Prague-New York Effects #7 Bohemian National Hall Snapshot Review: Delightful Jacquelyn Claire, Reviewer Prague-New York Effects is a Czech Center NY project that fosters collaboration between artists from Prague and New York City. They are given a residency at The Bohemian National Hall where they create an original work together. The transatlantic dialogue results in a performance in NYC and then the artists head to Prague to perform at the Palác Akropolis. For the seventh installment of this inspirational project, Miřenka Čechová, Robert Janč and Quentin Heggs sought to explore the differences and similarities between Czech and American humor. The performance opened with Miřenka

The Play That Goes Wrong

The Play That Goes Wrong Lyceum Snapshot Review: Three-Stooges Funny Jeff Myhre, Reviewer At some stag in your theatre career (and that includes just being in the audience), you have a performance that isn\\'t exactly good. An actor forgets lines, or props are not where they are supposed to be, or a sound cue doesn\\'t come, or part of the set wobbles or falls. On a particularly bad night, more than one of these things crops up. When they all happen at the same time, you get “The Play That Goes Wrong.” This import from London\\'s West End is currently the longest-running

The Parisian Woman

The Parisian Woman Hudson Theatre Snapshot Review: Shallow but Satisfying Marc Miller, Reviewer Imagine being a fly on a wall of a tony Capitol Hill townhouse, one where confidences are shared, deals are made, and betrayals are everyday bargaining chips. Such is the environment in Beau Willimon’s shallow but satisfying The Parisian Woman, enjoying a savory production at the newly reopened, equally tony Hudson Theatre. Willimon, the force behind House of Cards and author of a previous and superior inside-Washington play, Farragut North, hasn’t much on his mind but illustrating the horse-trading and flexible alliances behind political appointments, but he does illustrate

Mugen Noh Othello

Mugen Noh Othello The Public Theater and the Japan Society Snapshot Review: Spellbinding Patricia Contino, Reviewer Cyprus is under Ottoman rule. The Venetians not only abandoned the island, but their court women and courtesans. During the 50 years since the island’s power shift, they are slaves to their conquerors and memories. One is the weary, thirsty ghost of Desdemona, whose story director Satoshi Miyagi and Shizuoka Performing Arts Center (SPAC) told in their spellbinding “Mugen Noh Othello” presented at Japan Society during the final weekend of The Public Theatre’s Under the Radar Festival. Let’s answer to the first question usually asked about an “Othello”

“Onegin” American Ballet Theatre

"Onegin" American Ballet Theatre Metropolitan Opera House Snapshot Review: Must See Patricia Contino, Reviewer One of the first visitors to the "New Met" was The Stuttgart Ballet. Their Artistic Director John Cranko brought a substantial repertory of his own work and Marcia Hayde, one of the great ballerinas of the late twentieth century. (There are clips of her on YouTube and she is part of "The Turning Point\'s" priceless gala performance). In 1973, Cranko suffered a fatal heart attack on the company\'s flight home following their Met engagement. It is appropriate that American Ballet Theatre revived Cranko\'s "Onegin" during the 50 th anniversary of

Office Hour

Office Hour Martinson Theater at The Public Snapshot Review: Worthwhile Julia Ippstein, Reviewer "Office Hour" by Julia Cho had me on the edge of my seat pretty quickly. I was full of anticipation about what this story might explore and although the play didn\\\\\'t give me what I expected or hoped for, it was a powerful and unique exploration of good and evil, gun culture and the challenges and necessities of preventative action. The play is about a college student, Dennis (Ki Hong Lee), who writes horrifying and grotesque stories in his creative writing classes, isolates himself and barely talks while his teachers struggle