‘Scraps’ by Geraldine Inoa at The Flea Theater

Roland Lane (left), Alana Raquel Bowers (bottom center), Michael Oloyede (top center) and Tanyamaria (right) | Photo by Hunter Canning

Following last season's feminist theme, The Flea now shifts attention to "Color Brave."  If Scraps by Geraldine Inoa is any indication, 2018-19 is going to be daring and necessary, words not applied enough to local theatre.  The hard-hitting tragedy is now playing at the Flea's Siggy stage featuring resident actors The Bats. Scraps is not only a world premiere, it also marks Geraldine Inoa's debut as a professional playwright.  A scriptwriter for The Walking Dead and recipient of a writing grant established by Shonda Rhimes, her play has no zombies or prime-time McDreamy/McSteamy romance, and the dialogue would never pass ABC