I’m an Insider Now That I’ve Seen The Outsiders

When I stepped out into the bright stage light I was brought back to 1967. In 1983 at age 7 I first saw "The Outsiders". I watched it over and over again. I didn't realize why I needed to watch it so often until now. The themes of loss, trauma, one's inner fight, rich man poor man, and most importantly the need for an opportunity to get out and on the road are alive and well in this story. Then in 8th grade, I had to read the book. What I mostly remember is how mean Pony Boy was to" Cherry

I Went To See Spamalot And All I Got Was This T Shirt And Whole Lance A Lot Of Laughs.

2024 Cast Of Spamalot Photo: Playbill: Alex Brightman Knight of "Ni"     I decided to review "Spamalot"after its run was over because I think it's funny. I had the pleasure of attending the final night of Spamalot, and what a night it was! As a seasoned aficionado of comedy, with Monty Python and Sketch Comedy taking center stage in my entertainment repertoire, this production was a delightful spectacle that tickled my funny bone in all the right ways. I went with my friend who writes books, so I felt very important that evening.   Let's travel back in time to a momentous occasion – when

Doubt: A Timely Parable

When John Patrick Shanley wrote Doubt in 2004, it was (allegedly) meant to be a parable, connecting the bombshell 2002 Boston Globe expose of sexual abuse by Catholic priests with the U.S.’ 2003 invasion of Iraq. That invasion was sanctioned in a bid to find weapons of mass destruction the Iraqi government was allegedly stockpiling—an allegation that was later determined to be false. Shanley’s play—which follows a strict nun's efforts to expose a convivial priest as a child molester in 1964—opened in late 2004 and went on to win the 2005 Pulitzer Prize for Drama and the Tony Award for

The Notebook Hits Broadway Hitting All Notes To Perfection

                  My girlfriend, whose love of Ingrid Michaelson knows no bounds, made me go see "The Notebook" on Broadway and I cried for 2 1/2 hours straight. The much anticipated premiere of "The Notebook" a new musical by Ingrid Michaelson at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre brought a captivating and emotional experience to the audience. Everyone knows both the 1996 Nicholas Sparks novel as well as the 2004 film staring Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. The film has become ubiquitious when talking about great love stories and the unwavering eventual end of every love story.   The seamless transition between the modern nursing home

The Hamilton Mocumentary We Needed Lincoln: The Musical

        I'm a huge fan of satire and parody when it comes to comedy genres. Recently, I had the pleasure of viewing "Lincoln: The Musical," by Artie Brennan with a cast of hilarious improvisors and actors. Lincoln: The Musical was filmed on location in NYC. This comedy delves into the world of making it on Broadway, adding a fresh take to the mockumentary genre. Drawing parallels to classic mockumentaries like "Waiting for Guffman," "Best in Show," and Robert Townsend's "Hollywood Shuffle," "Lincoln The Musical" is a laugh-out-loud journey. Artie Brennan and Anthony Giordano the film's directors do a superb job of double helming. Artie

Jackie Martling: Joke Man –The Grandfather Of Long Island Comedy

Photo: Courtesy of Newsday and LIMEHOF "Joke Man: The Jackie Martling Story" delves into the life and career of Jackie Martling, offering insights into his contributions to the world of comedy and his impact on the Howard Stern Show and beyond. As the onlooker we are provided a unique perspective on the documentary's portrayal of Jackie's comedic journey. I first met Jackie in 1998 while interning for SONY Pictures. Within 48 hours of meeting him he sent me several of his Joke Man products and books. Over a decade years later I interviewed Jackie for my Talk Show "Welcome Back To

A Christmas Carol Brings Holiday Joy At The Charles Dickens Festival at Theater Three in Port Jefferson

  Jeffrey Sanzel's direction and performance as Ebeneezer Scrooge in Theater Three's rendition of "A Christmas Carol" offered a delightful blend of comedy and drama, showcasing impeccable timing and seamless stage movement that captivated the audience. The vintage theater itself, complete with a basement speakeasy and the nostalgic scent of aged wood, contributed to the overall charm and provided a truly immersive holiday experience. The production showcased an incredible attention to detail, with Brad Frey's superb musical direction, Randall Parsons' scenic design, and Robert Henderson Jr.'s masterful lighting and sound design, all adding depth and enhancing the atmosphere. The cast,

Alicia Keys’ HELL’S KITCHEN Musical at The Public Theater

HELL'S KITCHEN, a new musical at The Public Theater set in New York's iconic, eclectic Midtown West neighborhood, is a coming-of-age story about a typical teenager dealing with quintessential teen dramas -- family, friends, a boyfriend, love, loss, disappointment, and the spark that defines her path and purpose -- at a critical time in her life that shapes the future of what she will become -- a beloved international superstar.  That superstar is Alicia Keys, the fifteen-time Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter, musician, producer, best-selling author, actress, film/TV/Broadway producer, entrepreneur and global activist. She's a force of nature and a source of

A Delightful Revival of Arms and the Man Charms Audiences with Laughter And Folly

Gingold Theatrical Group's recent production of Bernard Shaw's hidden gem, "Arms and the Man", at Theatre Row, is a delightful revival that captivates theatergoers with its infectious humor and engaging performances. While it may not enjoy the same level of recognition as Shaw's renowned works like Pygmalion and Mrs. Warren's Profession, this lively rendition, skillfully directed by David Staller, successfully showcases the play's timeless anti-war theme, infusing it with campy humor that resonates with modern audiences. From the moment the curtains rise, the production exudes an air of comedic brilliance. The cast, after a introduction, fully embraces the laughably exaggerated characters