A Sequel To Fiddler On The Roof: Alexandra Silber’s Novel, “After Anatevka”

The first musical I was ever involved with in any capacity was as a freshman in high school helping with the production of, "Fiddler on the Roof". Since then the show has always held a very noteworthy region in my heart. Fiddler on The Roof was and is just about the most significant piece of musical theater ever. It's themes and stories still remain relevant today and reflects that with the worlds ever growing refugee and immigration conflicts. A sequel to a musical is rare and often hasn't worked. But unlike other musicals Fiddler leaves you with so many unanswered

Vic Dibitetto: July 28th 8pm at The NYCB Theater at Westbury

Anyone who knows anything about comedy could never deny the influence Long Island has had on the stand up comedy scene since it's inception. The endless list of greats that call Long Island their home and cut their teeth doing comedy here is well known in the annals of comedy history. That rich history continues with the great talent that Governors Comedy produces on a daily basis on Long Island. In the mid 1990's I had the opportunity to work as and usher and backstage at what was then The Westbury Music Fair, which has a history of it's own that

Seth Sikes: The Songs That Got Away; at Feinstein’s/54 Below

            Photo by Jason Lee Courson I adore theater in all it's forms. From musicals, to plays to comedians doing stand up, sketch and improvisational comedy, to one person shows, dance and nights of monologues, I could go on, it's somewhat endless. Every year I get to see many different types of entertainment. Though it's very rare that I get to see Cabaret acts. Which is peculiar because it's one of the most engaging genres and also just happens to be the opportunity for a great date night. I guess I'd need a date to make that

A Dancer In A Million Places: Danielle Marie Fusco

       Headshot by Joi Ong,   Dzul photos by Chris Comfort,    Jazzy photos by Jan LaSalle for Ladies for Luigi Project, Aerial photos by Tyler McAuley Educational photo by Eastern Suffolk Boces C3Squared Dance has always held a significant place in my heart. Though I only took dance classes in high school for 4 years what I gained mostly, other that the ability to bust out a buffalo step, is how impenetrable the dancers work ethic is. One can be a mediocre actor or singer and still get work in the entertainment industry. One can’t really be a bad dancer and work in this business. One

301 Views: A Night At The Movies

            My entire life I have been a considerable fan of sketch comedy. From more modern sketch like The Kids In The Hall to The State to The Whitest Guys You Know to the forerunners of sketch like Sid Ceasar, Carol Burnett and Monty Python among dozens of others. It’s the history of it all I love so much. It’s a medium that very few can excel in. On Wednesday March 7th The Sketch group, 301 Views, excelled at it. The performed to a capacity crowd who only added capacity laughs.            

Romeo and Juliet

[media-credit id=1 align="alignnone" width="1132"][/media-credit] Romeo and Juliet Cultural Arts Playhouse, Long Island Snapshot Review: From Tragedy to Comedy DB Frick, Reviewer The Cultural Arts Playhouse, or CAP as many call it, has been utilizing their talent and wielding some of Long Island’s best theater for several years now. CAP has been home to many plays and musicals and also applies artist residencies. CAP offers an array of possibilities for fans of theatre and performers alike. Currently in residency at CAP is The Long Island Theatre Collective, LITC for short. For several years now, LITC has been bouncing around several theatres on Long Island and have

Mind Body Drop Away

Mind Body Drop Away Chez Brunswick Studio Snapshot Review: Meta-Comedy D.B. Frick, Reviewer On January 3th at 8:30 pm I had the opportunity to attend The Exponential Festival at Chez Bushwick Studio located at 304 Boerum Street in Brooklyn, NY. Presented that evening was, Mind Body Drop Away, Directed by Kevin Laibson and written & performed by Shon Arieh-Lerer. Mind Body Drop Away seems to be a suggestion that the audience must drop its consciousness to truly envelope themselves into what is about to happen in front of them. This was my first time to Bushwick to see theatre. Most of my experiences

Gender Bender

Gender Bender Film Premiere Snapshot Review: Cutting Comedic, Sexual Tension D.B. Frick, Reviewer There is currently a great deal of tension among the sexes in these days. The #Metoo movement is an important effort and should not be taken lightly. Though male-female tensions have always existed, the efforts these days to change what is expected of both men, women and the 39 other genders now accepted by Facebook and Tinder isn’t easy. We live in a time of change. Though sexism is still alive and thriving. Movies like Genderbender have the opportunity to bring the sexes together for laughs, even though it only

A Futile and Stupid Gesture

A Futile and Stupid Gesture Netflix Snapshot Review: Perfectly Cast D.B. Frick, Reviewer Very few events have made the same kind of impact on Comedy that Doug Kenney was able to do with the The National Lampoon. From 1970 to 1998. The magazine can boast an unending list of famous and influential comedy professionals that worked within its walls. The Lampoon’s impact is undeniable. The magazine's incarnation started at Harvard University in 1876 when it was founded by several undergraduate students as The Harvard Lampoon. After his graduation from Harvard in 1968, Doug Kenney persuaded his possibly only friend, Henry Beard ,to start