BroadwayCon Once Again Connects With The Fans

         I first covered BroadwayCon for The New York Theatre Guide in 2016 when it arrived at the Jacob Javits Center. As I continue to live the life of someone who won't say no to anything, I found myself at The New York Hilton in Manhattan this past weekend January 11th to 13th, covering BroadwayCon once again this time for BroadwayCon is a convention in the vain of ComicCon except, well, Broadway. From seminars to classes, to a kitsch mall, to thousands of cosplayers. I saw more Mary Poppinses than you could wink a nose at. BroadwayCon is a place

Mike Dillon, Gateway Comedy, And 17 Years Producing Comedy On Long Island

     For several years now I have had the occasion to write about Long Island Comedy. Many of the most preeminent comedians around have come out of Long Island, Eddie Murphy, Lenny Bruce, Kevin James, Satan, all the greats. In all seriousness anyone who knows comedy knows that the Long Island comedy scene caters to shows all over the country and essentially has made the world laugh since the inception of the understanding of what is funny in America. I'd be willing to bet that even during the American Revolution Long Island was making strides in comedy. Am I still allowed

Big Chuckles Productions and The Strange Foundation Bring The Pain with “Da High M.O.M Show”

                 I'm someone who no longer says "no" to anything. It's yes all the way. I've cultured myself to a grand scale by saying "yes" all the time. Because of this I get the opportunity to find myself in a slew of footings one might not usually find themselves in. This past Saturday evening was no exception. After I was bumped from a show at a local Comedy Club because of an excessive amount of comedians, I decided my time would be better served elsewhere. After some careful introspection I found myself heading

Guilty Pleasures Cabaret: Christmas Show at The Duplex

Photo Credit Mike Skigen                    Merry Christmas to me!!!! This past Friday December 14th at 9 pm at the Duplex, 91 Christopher Street @ 7th Ave, I had the occasion to participate in some of the most lively entertainment I've ever gotten to be part of during the holiday season. Looking back it seems almost providence that timing was fortuitous enough to allow me to be invited to peer at Guilty Pleasures Cabaret. Created and Produced by the incredibly talented Bridget Bose and stunning Andrea Palesh who both also perform in the production, along

Rebirth of Rabbit Foot

During my early years in Catholic Grammar School I was the only white kid to be seen. As a child from 5 to 13 years old one doesn't spend much time considering race. At least I didn't as a white person. I never really felt much different, never felt left out and I'm still in contact with many of the other students. All and all it was great experience and I didn't realize until later in life how much that experience helped me when considering the plight that people of color experience on a daily basis.   I consider myself to

BATSU! Delves Into Virtual Reality and Worldwide Comedy Domination

Improvisational comedy holds a very special place in my heart. I first got my taste of improvisation at the age of 13 when I started performing with my high school comedy troupe. We would have improvisational competitions against other high schools. Improvisation is the basis of everything for me. It's the art of conversation. Life is improvisation. We definitely don't plan out every interaction we experience with others. All of life is sort of fly by night much like an improv comedy show. The pinnacle of that experience is BATSU!. BATSU! means punishment. Which is the game here at BATSU!, a

The Ferryman: Broadway Opening October 22nd – The Carney Family Is Ready For A Fight!!

Photo Credit: Joan Marcus When individuals talk about key commodities in life several needs come to mind. Food, water, procreation, love, money, binge watching "The Walking Dead". All of these utensils of life will come up, but more times than not a soul will say, "the love of family". To assist in propelling something larger than one self forward is in my opinion the definition of family. Websters Dictionary defines family as, "a group of people who share common ancestors". Family is your representation when you are gone. There is no opposite of heritage. To be from nowhere? There is no such

Charles Goonan: Tune In To Goonan: The Story Of A Little Guy Making It Big

      Photos by: Tune In To Goonan     Cartoon Animation Credit: Chris Slavin Countless significant events happened forty years ago on October 20th 1978. "The Police" had their first concert at NYC's CBGB's, The U.S. Dollar devalued below Dutch Y2 and one Charles Xavier Goonan was born. My apologies, Xavier is not his middle, but it should be. Charles Goonan is a comedian and a product of Midwood Brooklyn. A town he has called home most of his life. Ask him about it, I'm sure he has a song that'll tell the story. Charles is a very talented comedian who has

The Gimmick & You with Michelle Drozdick at The Pit: Underground

     Photos by Christina Georgandis - red dress Clinton Jones - green dress   I've spent many of my 41 years on Earth on the fringe of the entertainment world, vicariously living life through the success of others by attending their shows and creative efforts. I've acquainted myself with a great many talents. This was true again on this very singular occasion, a Solo Improv production starring Queens native, Michelle Drozdick. I have been visiting The Pit as a performer and audience member for many years. Meeting friends and connecting at every turn. During my time there The Pit has solidified it's positioning

A Sequel To Fiddler On The Roof: Alexandra Silber’s Novel, “After Anatevka”

The first musical I was ever involved with in any capacity was as a freshman in high school helping with the production of, "Fiddler on the Roof". Since then the show has always held a very noteworthy region in my heart. Fiddler on The Roof was and is just about the most significant piece of musical theater ever. It's themes and stories still remain relevant today and reflects that with the worlds ever growing refugee and immigration conflicts. A sequel to a musical is rare and often hasn't worked. But unlike other musicals Fiddler leaves you with so many unanswered