Mint Theater’s Revival of ‘Days to Come’ by Lillian Hellman at The Beckett

DAYS TO COME BY LILLIAN HELLMAN Larry Bull, Janie Brookshire, Ted Deasy, and Mary Bacon Photo by Todd Cerveris

When it opened on Broadway in 1936, Days to Come lasted seven performances.  Perhaps audiences expected something more salacious from Lillian Hellman.  Her debut play The Children's Hour had plenty, and her second about an Ohio strike had none.  While Days to Come is no masterpiece, the Mint Theater's excellent production at The Beckett reveals a play mired in its past and present but anticipates the future. The Rodman siblings Andrew (Larry Bull) and Cora (Mary Bacon) are heirs to a brush factory.  Though the factory has remained operational during the Great Depression, the dwindling family fortune leads Andrew and lawyer Henry Ellicott (Ted