Bringing Proust Back To Life Amid The Pandemic


I had the chance to revisit my Alma Mater this week, descending from the 1999 graduating class and reuniting with the captivating world of theater amidst the ongoing pandemic. Walking into the Black Box Theatre In The Round at The Adelphi University Performing Arts Center on April 10th for opening night of “Lost Time” was a rush of excitement. The energy was palpable as the crew and actors prepared themselves for this much-anticipated event.


“Lost Time”, brought to life by Megan Lohne, a dedicated alumna and Acting and Playwriting Professor at Adelphi, unfolded with a stellar cast and crew under the masterful direction of Shoshanah Tarkow, showcasing her prowess in character development and staging with the assistance of Assistant Director Katie Goz who helped the production along every step of the way.


The performance at Adelphi University’s stage was truly enthralling, intertwining themes of memory, loss, and identity drawn from Proust’s masterpiece, “In Search of Lost Time.” This modern feminist reimagining infused new life into the classic narrative, seamlessly transporting it into the contemporary era.


In the year 2020, Cell, a first-year art student embarking on the journey to adulthood amidst a world grappling with the pandemic, mortality, and the complexities of love and self-discovery, served as the focal point of the adaptation. Rooted in Proust’s seminal works, “Lost Time” skillfully brought the timeless narrative into the present, resonating with audiences seeking solace and introspection in uncertain times.


Megan Lohne skillfully wove a narrative reflecting the isolation and transitions faced by the current generation, drawing on her experiences with the students of Adelphi’s BFA Acting Program. The incorporation  Lexi Favia’s costume design lifted from the paintings of Proust and Danielle’s scenic design added a extra element of intellect, time and memory to the mise en scene of the piece. With innovative projections by Ben Hegarty and incomprable sound design by Matt Minelli, guided by Tarkow’s expertise, created an immersive theatrical journey blurring the lines between reality and fiction. All guided on stage by their intrepid Stage Manager Riley Oberting with a keen eye.


Memory, a central theme in the production, was interwoven throughout the narrative, bridging the past and present through evocative imagery and storytelling. “The Lost Time Project” invited individuals to share their pandemic experiences, enriching the performance with a layer of authenticity and shared human experiences.


The ensemble cast, comprising a talented array of actors, each brought a unique essence to the production. Ryan Billings as Baron portrayed desperation with raw intensity. Nikki Colaitis injected humor amid depth, providing moments of levity. Tayla Madison’s portrayal of Cell was powerfully authentic and evocative. Francesca Love embodied Rachel with realism and precision. Serena Wold mesmerized with versatility, seamlessly transitioning between several characters and Sierra McDaniel Donald brought a captivating presence, hinting at a promising future in the world of acting. Time, for Proust, is an enigmatic force that shapes human experiences and perceptions in profound ways. Which is the same thing this cast and crew did.


Together, this ensemble created a tapestry of emotions and experiences that elevated “Lost Time” into a profound and unforgettable theatrical experience. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness their talent firsthand at Adelphi’s PAC Black Box Theatre!


“Lost Time” will run at Adelphi University’s Black Box Theater at the Adelphi University Performing Arts Center from April 10th to April 14th, offering a captivating two-hour experience and 15 minute intermission.


Secure your tickets at the provided link below and delve into this modern adaptation of Proust’s timeless narratives. Don’t miss the chance to witness a truly immersive performance that bridges past and present with grace and artistry.

Link for Tickets:

Lost Time by Megan Lohne – April 10 @ 6:30pm

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