CHASING HAPPY by Michel Wallerstein Debuts at Theatre Row

Ideals like those proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence, including “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” may be considered “self-evident” to the Founding Fathers of the USA, but they weren’t living in today’s world, inundated by obstacles to these “certain inalienable rights,” despite the progress made over a few hundred years. Admittedly, we have it comparatively better in many ways, but pursuing happiness can feel more challenging than ever. Whole movements, companies, and apps have been created to support our quest for contentment. Yet even for those fortunate enough not to be caught up in the worst of woes,

The State of “The State” Address

"The State's Dipping Balls and Breaking Hearts Tour" finished up its 3rd night in NYC at The Palladium in Times Square on October 18th. It was an unforgettable evening which paid tribute to over thirty years of history of one of the greatest sketch comedy troupes in the pantheon of sketch comedy. As the first day of The Hall of Fame induction ceremony approached, it became evident that "The State", alongside legendary groups like Monty Python, Key and Peele, The Kids In The Hall, and Little Britain, rightfully deserved their place among the sketch comedy elite. Wait! Whats that? I'm sorry?