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Josephine: A Burlesque Cabaret Dream Play

Josephine: A Burlesque Cabaret Dream Play SoHo Playhouse Snapshot Review: Baker Would be Proud Jeff Myhre, Reviewer Before Beyonce and Rihanna, before Miss Ross and the Supremes, before the glorious Lena Horne and the great Dorothy Dandridge, there was Josephine Baker. They all stand on her shoulders. She was the first African-American superstar, but because of America's shameful history of race, Baker became who she was in her adopted home of Paris. By my count, her story has been filmed or staged at least four times. There is something about her story that is wonderful, tragic, upsetting and delightful. Tymisha Harris has a

Interview with Richard Vetere A Working Artist

Richard Vetere is that very rare bird, a writer who actually can live on the proceeds of his work. His career spans several years. and he has written successfully for the stage, film and TV as well as publishing novels and poetry. If that weren’t enough, he acts and directs. I interviewed him about a year and a half ago, and with the launch of, I thought it would be good idea to see what he has been up to since then. Richard, being the kind of fellow he is, agreed to help out by answering my questions. StageBiz: The