Theatre: Peace for Mary Frances at The New Group

Family gatherings are rarely peaceful, especially when a family is gathering to say goodbye to a dying parent. In Peace for Mary Frances, a new play by new playwright Lily Thorne, the tumult begins as 90-year-old Mary Frances announces that she is ready to die and will no longer take any measures to extend her life. As the family gathers to say goodbye to the matriarch, old rivalries flare up and arguments ensue—and everyone seems to have an agenda behind his or her words and deeds. Lily Thorne’s ambitious script is very detailed in its depiction of hospice care—almost a

Theatre: What Will the Neighbors Say presents ‘The Diana Tapes’ at HERE

During Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's touching marriage ceremony, cable hosts and invited "experts" still called his parents' nuptials "the wedding of the (20th) century."  Among the embarrassing lack of research (identifying celebrity guests but not most of Harry's extended family or cellist Sheku Kanneh-Maso and the music he played), the worst was insisting that the July 1981 wedding was romantic.  Both then and now, the event watched by millions reveals a very nervous teenager who on that day became so famous that she would be known by her first name.  A defining chapter of Diana's life is the subject

Chita Rivera Awards 2018 at NYU Skirball Center

At the Chita Rivera Awards on Sunday, Tony Yazbeck, winner of Outstanding Male Dancer in a Broadway Show (for Prince of Broadway), a gentleman onstage and off, modern-day mensch of movement, and the Gene Kelly or Fred Astaire (for whom the Awards were previously named) of this era, recalled his journey to becoming a true triple threat: "Dance has been part of my soul since I was four. I was a dancer first and foremost, and when I was a kid I never wanted to do anything else. Then I did Gypsy and saw Tyne Daly, through song, dance and

Seth Sikes: The Songs That Got Away; at Feinstein’s/54 Below

            Photo by Jason Lee Courson I adore theater in all it's forms. From musicals, to plays to comedians doing stand up, sketch and improvisational comedy, to one person shows, dance and nights of monologues, I could go on, it's somewhat endless. Every year I get to see many different types of entertainment. Though it's very rare that I get to see Cabaret acts. Which is peculiar because it's one of the most engaging genres and also just happens to be the opportunity for a great date night. I guess I'd need a date to make that

The O.G. Surfer Girl: A Chat With Sarah Utterback

The O.G. Surfer Girl: A Chat With Sarah Utterback By Megan Lohne   Sarah Utterback, who certain Greys Anatomy devotees may know as Nurse Olivia from earlier seasons aka “Syph Nurse” is joining with Animus Theatre Company and The Dirty Blonde’s to bring the New York Premiere of Leslye Headland’s Surfer Girl to life. A monologue about the perils and joys of couch surfing, Surfer Girl was Headland’s first play in her seven deadly sins cycle and IAMA, an LA based company which both Headland and Utterback are members of is about to produce the seventh and final piece: Cult Of Love. I had a chance to chat

Theatre: Isabella Rossellini’s ‘Link Link Circus’ at BAC

  Fans of Isabella Rossellini's Green Porno will love Link Link Circus, her "from the waist up" follow-up at the Baryshnikov Arts Center.  So will animal lovers, TED Talk types and theatergoers with a sense of humor. Surrounded by her collection of wooden and wind-up childhood toys, Rossellini is the ringleader/lecturer (is there really any difference?) sharing her love and knowledge of animals.  Unlike certain celebrity activists, she practices what she preaches with an Master's Degree in Animal Behavior - hence the Link Link  - from Hunter College.  Then along with her honorary PhD from the University of Quebec at Montreal, she is

Maple and Vine at The Flea Theater

  Given the chance would you go back to the “good old days” in the 1950’s? Where women could vacuum their homes in their high heels and conical bras while their men mowed the lawn and their white children played happily with the family Labrador?  And racism and homophobia were at an all time high? “Maple & Vine” is Jordan Harrison's discourse on what constitutes authentic living and it is superbly brought to life by the New York Deaf Theatre at The Flea Theater. Strong performances meet visually arresting design to keep you glued to the action. Katha and Ryu are burning

La MaMa Moves! Dance Festival: “Les Choses Dernières” & “To Catch A Terrorist”

The opening weekend of the acclaimed La MaMa Moves! Dance Festival featured the only two headlining works which would perform at the Ellen Stewart Theater -- an intimidating space for such intimate dance pieces. One, Lucie Grégoire Danse Company’s Les Choses Dernières: the New York premiere of a solo work made famous by the Montreal-based choreographer, now passed on to another dancer, and the other, Egyptian creator/performer Adham Hafez and HaRaKa Platform’s To Catch A Terrorist: a world-premiere of a new work and collaborative effort that utilizes spoken word as much as body language. Both explored disturbing topics that are

“Old Names for Wildflowers” at The Tank

It’s a monumental work. A colossal saga that astutely comments on 21st Century patriarchy through the lens of post Civil war societal fall out in 1865. It’s a vivisection of a family gone “nuclear” as a result of unspoken desires. It has a filmic quality to it that comes to us in episodes that fade in and out of our current reality –almost like a memory from a past life. Like the smell of jasmine through an open window that transports you to a long forgotten moment. Like a family tree lineage search that yields a discrepancy, a secret, an

For the Weekend: ‘Wind-Up Variations’ written and starring the New York Neo-Futurists

Do you like unicorns?  Baked goods?  Balloons?  That and more is packed into the New York Neo-Futurists' Wind-Up Variations at the Kraine Theatre, which winds up its brief run at The Kraine Theatre this Saturday. Written and directed by Rob Neill, the story is ostensibly about the quartet pictured above.  Wind-Up Monkey (spirit animal of Daniel Mirsky) is finds himself alone following an unspecified disaster.  Along the way he encounters a Dinosaur (spirit animal of Ayun Halliday), Robot (Spirit Animal of Eevin Hartsough) and Unicorn (Spirit Animal of T Thompson).  Their journey is interrupted by their human counterparts talking over each other,